you need a quiet place to make important phone calls

  • Employees might delay important calls because they cannot find a quiet place in a crowded office.

  • By looking for quiet places in the office building, they might loose important time from being productive.

  • People are afraid they might interrupt their surrounding, or they might be overheard while they are on phone.

you will keep looking for the best spots, for a phone call

Bizsok office

There are people who walk while they are on phone, and there are the ones who escape.

We don't like to share our cellphone conversation, with our surroundings.

Most of us are afraid of being overheard, or if we might disturb someone.

This lead us to immediately stand up, and run away from our desks to find privacy, when our phone rings.

But what happens, if all the good spots are taken?

we created S|LENT-booth

a phone-booth that does not let your sound escape

  • soundproof from outside

    solid outer wall reduces incoming noise impact
  • sound absorbing inside

    sound absorber surfaces don't let your sound escape. You can talk in total privacy.
  • enduring textile cover

    we are ready to take custom orders. Contact Us for more details.
  • accessories

    expand the possibilities with useful equipments, such as an armrest, small table, table light, power outlet, ethernet socket.

layout concepts

Bizsok office


w 185 x d 225 x h 240 cm
w 72 x d 88 x h 94 inches

150 kg
330 pounds

various colors and fabrics
we take custom orders

easy to install

sound absorption is 90% between 250Hz and 4000Hz
40% between 125Hz and 250Hz

range of human voice is between 200Hz-4000Hz S|LENT-booth is designed to absorb most of the sound energy while you are talking insideat 40% you hardly understand what your partner says, at 90% it becomes rumble


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